By Angelo Balistreri, Southeast Regional Sales Manager

Disconnected!  No, I am not talking about your wifi connection or your phone charger.  I am talking about our disconnection with each other, from humanity.  Over the years, with the advancement of technology, we have lost touch with one another. Which is ironic since most of these advancements are in the fields of communication. However, the forms of communication being used today are taking away from the one-on-one, in-person connection. We are all guilty.  Sending an email or text is so much quicker and easier for us, but what does this do to our relationships with each other? 

Before these forms of communication were available, we had to physically get up off our butts and go see someone.  Or we had to pick up the phone and actually talk to someone.  A huge benefit of this was that it helped us establish meaningful relationships with others.  In the manufacturing industry, and many others, our relationships with our clients are what set us apart from the competition.  In the sales world, it is tough to keep up with the ever-changing cycle of new products, competitive pricing, and advancing technology.  However, what can put you above the rest is the relationship you have with your customer.  Your customer may be willing to pay a little more because they know that you will be there in the end to help them with any situation.  That piece of mind that they have with you and your company can set you apart from the strongest competitor. 

Additionally, outside of the sales industry, relationships are just as important.  It seems like in recent years there have been multiple tragedies world-wide that are affecting us negatively.  It makes one wonder if some of these events could have somehow been prevented if we would have fostered our relationships more.  Several of the individuals involved seem to have been disconnected with society.  Humanity suffered due to the lack of relationships involved with some of these tragedies.  It costs us nothing to simply reach out to a person and see how they are doing; to show that we care.    

At PRIER, we pride ourselves in building relationships within our company every day. For one, we have live customer service to allow customers to speak with an actual person at any time, without having to deal with the hassle of an automated answering service. Additionally, we have “Meet PRIER Mondays”, where an employee has information posted about themselves in the break room so we can get to know one another on a more personal level.  Also, we welcome all new employees by recognizing them at our monthly lunches.  We ask for them to state their name and then something that we will remember them by.  We understand that we are there to work, but we also know that without each other working as a team, we will never be able to accomplish our goals.  We do not want to simply be another cog in the machine but rather an integral part to our success.

The next time you are getting ready to send that text or email, pick up the phone or walk down the hall and have a live conversation with your fellow member of humanity.  Ask how their significant other is. Ask how little Johnny did in the game over the weekend. Ask how the fishing trip was. Ask how their vacation went.  Something as small as taking a genuine interest in another person may not only change your life, but it might just change theirs.  I think we can all benefit from a little extra kindness in our life and the world can be a better place with stronger relationships between us all.

If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you wish to go far, go with others. –African Proverb

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