By Julie Henry, G&A Assistant

PRIER Products is definitely known for the manufacturing, selling and distributing of brass cast plumbing products but there is something else it’s manufacturing that is less obvious. PRIER is creating a pay it forward type culture within its company. There is a little known trick to the trade that the PRIER management is nailing; they are completely devoted to making their people happy. When I was job hunting I noticed this commitment through the words used in their mission statement. I noticed articles on the walls during my interview where the CEO was quoted regarding the respect and appreciation PRIER shows its employees. “Nothing matters without the people,” Joe Poskin said in a 2005 article. That was 11 years ago and PRIER still has an impressive welcoming package for a new hire such as myself. Through this blog I want to invite all of our customers to consider the impact employee morale has on their products. I will share a few aspects of coming into this new job that made me realize PRIER is top notch as a place to work.

Although it was just good timing on my part, because it’s only a once a year event, my family and I were invited to the annual PRIER company picnic within my first two weeks on the job. While I was new and didn’t know what to expect, I had such good time. Many of my colleagues brought their families and we all got out to play at the park for a few hours on a perfect, summer afternoon in August. The picnic helped me notice that through families being welcomed, it builds comradery in the company.  I got to meet children of co-workers who were in their young adulthood but still taking the afternoon off to attend the picnic with their parent because they have been doing it and loving it for years. The youngest of the PRIER families were passed around and admired just like at any old, regular family gathering. 

Now that I am a PRIER partner I look forward to many more years with the company. It’s not every day that you find a job in a high demand industry with such a laid back, win-win attitude. Everybody is happy. PRIER partners like working for this company because management makes a strong effort to appreciate the effort of the employees. Human resources organizes monthly spirit events (like kickball and Royals games), they bring popsicles for the partners where the heat is heavy and they plan monthly luncheons for all PRIER partners. We are lucky to have PRIER. Thank you PRIER for your socially responsible stance, which ultimately aids the community as a whole. The quality treatment of the people is a foundation for the high quality products and the high quality customer service standards PRIER Products promises to its customers. 

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