By Joyce McMurray, Customer Service Representative

PRIER believes the well-being of our communities has a direct effect on PRIER’s success and that of our associates and fellow citizens. We take our mission, “to enrich lives to become all they are meant to be,” beyond our factory walls and into the communities we call home. With that, PRIER strongly encourages employees to volunteer their time in the community to give back.

Helping others always makes me feel good and helping pets is just an added bonus. I am a dog lover and have had several over the years. Some have been great lap dogs, no matter their size, and some are just good company and other have made me laugh till I cry.  One of the events employees have been involved with for several years is the Grandview Annual Pets Helping People. Pets are an important part of life for so many people and to keep our pets healthy they need vaccinations. This program helps with vaccination costs, providing spay and neuter vouchers and selling ID microchips at a reasonable cost. The microchip, an amazing resource, is a tiny computer chip that has an identification number programmed into it. Once an animal is injected with the chip, thy can be identified throughout his life by this one-of-a-kind number.  

On average, 500 pets get vaccinated every year by professional veterinarians. Dr. Snyder, from the Grandview Animal Hospital, has donated her time since 2005. 

“The rabies vaccine is such a small part of what we are able to do. The pet needs the vaccine but the owner needs good information about health and wellness. It is a valuable opportunity to have face-to-face communication about the importance of spaying and neutering,” says Dr. Snyder. "We know Pets Helping People has a positive impact on those of us who participate, the pets that are vaccinated that day and on those in the community helped by GAP,” she adds. 

“Pets Helping People is an essential event for GAP’s success,” said Sharon Kinder, one of the organizers and Director for The Grandview Assistance Program. “We need the support of the community to continue to assist families in financial need.”

PRIER loves assisting in this yearly event, giving back to people and their beloved pets. For more information on the Grandview Annual Pets Helping People, visit their website here. We would love to see you there with us next year! 

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