By Lilly Fields, G&A Coordinator

Here at PRIER Products, we are more than just a manufacturing facility and more than just a great team; we are a family. How is this possible you ask? Well, it certainly doesn’t happen overnight and it isn’t always quick or easy. Like any family, it takes dedication, always trying to get better and working at the relationship. 

First and foremost, we all follow PRIER’s mission statement. By acting under the will of God and always doing what’s right it makes it easier to stay united as a family. But, there is more to it than that. We have to bond to become and stay a family. To do this we strive for fun! What better way to bond than lots of belly laughs and good times?

There are many ways to have fun but I get the most excited about our monthly spirit committee events. We have these events to get everyone together inside and outside of work. We usually try to talk about our lives, each other, and crack jokes rather than work related activities. I might be biased about how awesome these events are because I am lucky enough to be in charge of creating them. When trying to think of what we can do next, I try think of how so many people like to have fun in many different ways. We have balls games to go and watch, kickball to play in, food to eat and congregate around, picnics with family, holiday parties, and so much more. With so much going on, each individual is bound to have some fun. 

I couldn’t even tell you when I’ve had the most fun at PRIER because there hasn’t been an activity that wasn’t fun yet. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like to eat. So, really even when it’s not an eating event, I try to incorporate food! Going to a ball game? We better tailgate and eat. Playing kickball in our field outside, better have plenty of snacks to go around.  If it’s fall we better have some pie. 

Each and every person at PRIER loves to get involved in helping to make sure we have fun and although, I get to head our spirit committee events, we have a whole team to make sure we always have fun. Every month, someone else gets to lead what we do and give ideas. It’s great teamwork to help complete our family. Speaking of family, there is rarely an occasion when family isn’t welcome to come along to have fun with us. Any outing outside of work, it is highly encouraged to bring the employee’s family along. 

Our most recent spirit committee event was to do mini golf as a group. The day was perfect, many people brought their children, parents, and siblings along to show their competitive side and joke about how terrible we all were. Getting all this fun time is relevant to our work at PRIER because it brings us closer together and allows us to unite for one common goal of keeping our customer happy.