DECEMBER 2, 2016 – GRANDVIEW, MO – PRIER is pleased to introduce an improved C-534 Light Duty Commercial Wall Hydrant and its new C-534BX4 stainless steel box.  

The improved C-534 features a shorter valve stem cap for a lower profile. The self-draining hydrant also features a P-004 anti-siphon vacuum breaker with two backflow check valves to provide protection against cross connection of the potable water supply.  In addition, the hydrant and vacuum breaker meets the ASSE and C-UPC approvals and is made in the USA.  

The new C-534BX4 is an optional box that is now available and sold separately from the hydrant. The stainless steel C-534BX4 is the perfect complement to the commercial wall hydrant it protects. This unique box can be mounted in the structure independently of the hydrant giving flexibility to the installer to add the hydrant when it is convenient for their schedule.  The door of this box has a special hinge that is designed to stay open when the end user is operating the hydrant.  It won’t flop down on the hose or get in the way on the side of the box.  Finally, the box has a drip edge that prevents water from draining down the side wall and causing discoloration to the building.  This new C-534 valve and box is the perfect match for those commercial construction projects that need a reliable attractive product. 

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