Wednesday, 30 September 2015 19:06

KC Fall Festival Season

By Emilie Ospino, HR Assistant

At PRIER, we love to support Kansas City and foster a sense of community within the company. In fact, we have a committee dedicated to bringing everyone together in an effort to build comradery. So far this year, PRIER associates have gone bowling, created a company picnic at Longview Lake and attended a Royals game. This fall, we intend to keep the spirit going with a costume contest for Halloween and a traditional Thanksgiving feast. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 13:46

It's Better to Take a Break, Than to Break Down

By Angelo Balistreri, Southeast Regional Sales Manager

Karoshi.  This Japanese word literally means “death by overwork”.  It has been such a common occurrence that a society actually gave it a word.  Now this may be a little on the extreme, but it does bring to light a serious matter in today’s occupational world.  A matter in which employee’s struggle to find balance between their professional and personal life.  Finding that middle ground and establishing work-life balance could just save your life.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015 13:11

Big Shoes to Fill

By Stephen Ludwig, Vice President of Ludwig, Smith and Walker

“Big shoes to fill” is a phrase I kept hearing over and over for years. My Father is (at least in my mind) a legend in this industry. He spent 43 years traveling the Carolinas, many times spending up to 5 days on the road, but when he would finally make it home, his number one focus was his family. I try to remember how hard it was for my mom with him being gone so much, unfortunately one full afternoon of riding bikes with me and coaching my baseball team overshadowed his absence during the week. He taught me the meaning of hard work, honesty, integrity and compassion.

Thursday, 20 August 2015 19:01

10K the Healthy Way

By Ieshia Mayes, Accounts Payable Specialist

Here at PRIER, we are encouraged to live active, healthy, lives both inside and outside of the company. One of the ways PRIER aids us in our efforts is by providing great, affordable, health benefits for individual employees as well as families. During our monthly HR Lunch and Lunch and Learn, a healthy lunch is prepared for PRIER employees to enjoy while we catch up on business matters or learn something new. I recently decided I wanted to incorporate a healthier lifestyle into my personal life and decided a pedometer would help me. After researching pedometers, I decided I wanted to use something that could track my steps that I wouldn’t forget to carry with me. What better device to use than my mobile phone?

By Wendy Hintz, Sales, Customer Service & Retail Specialist

Growing up I always dreamed of owning a corner deli and welcoming my regulars in and taking care of them like family. As a customer walking into a small store you can often tell intuitively who the owner is. It’s not about their age or what they’re wearing, it’s the way they radiate attentiveness to employees, processes, details and of course to their customers; it’s their uncanny peripheral vision and hearing for everything that’s going on around them. PRIER Products may have started off as a small company, but we are growing fast and when a business grows it isn’t smart to just have one or two people with an owner’s mindset. You want to spread a sense of ownership to as many employees as possible.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015 14:40

PRIER C-108 Giveaway

It’s time for another PRIER PRODUCT GIVEAWAY! Next Monday, we’ll be giving away two C-108 Hot and Cold Hydrants. This product is useful for so many applications, from keeping the pooch happy with a warm bath to washing your car in cold weather. 

Thursday, 02 July 2015 15:59

Readers are Leaders

By Cindy Coats, Controller

My mother used to always say, “Readers are Leaders!”  I generally heard this phrase right after one of us did not read the instructions for something before we dived into assembling, or using it for the first time.