Little Ways to Save Big Photo by Images_of_Money

By Ieshia Mayes, Accounting Specialist

Here at PRIER, we are always trying to save money without compromise of our quality. One of the many ways we save money is by taking all discounts that our vendors provide through their payment terms. There are always little ways you can save money at home, too. Here are just a few:

Buy store brand Items.

Store brand items offer the same ingredients as the name brand. They are often times cheaper than their competitor. Some store brand items include: Best Choice (Price Chopper/Apple Market/Thriftway), Great Value (Walmart), Sams Choice (Walmart/Sam’s Club), and Midwest Country Fare (Hy-Vee). If these stores are not in your area, look for the “plan label” brand at your local store; they are generally right next to the name brands!

Buying in a bundle can save you a bundle!!!

Each month, PRIER provides two lunches for the employees during our meetings. Our Controller does the shopping at Sams and/or Costco for our lunch dates. By purchasing the items in bulk, she stays well within the budget. It would not be as easy if she purchased individual meals for each employee. If there is a particular item you use/consume often, try buying it in bulk. Don’t forget you could always freeze items you are not ready to eat! Buying in a bundle will be cheaper than buying this item individually on a regular basis. If you are not sure what stores offer this, try searching the web.


One day I was watching TV and I came across this beautiful contemporary bookshelf. When I found the shelf online it was almost $500! Bummer! I was determined though. I had to have it! I searched the web and found a tutorial on how to build a shelf like it. With a few tools, some wood, stain, and my husband the “handy man” we got the shelf built for hundreds less than the online price! When there is something you want or need and it seems a bit out of your price range, look into to making/doing it yourself. You could save a bunch!!

Buy reused!

I like to dress nice for church on Sundays but I don’t want to spend tons of money on something I wear once or twice a year. So what’s a girl to do? I go to the area thrift shops and look through their pants/dress suits. Most of the time I’ll find a great suit for $15-20! Once I purchase it, I take it to the cleaners and it looks like it was never worn! Whenever possible, buy gently used items. With a little T-L-C, these items will last just like they were new!

What do I do with all the money I’ve saved?

I am so glad you asked! Put it in a savings account. That’s right-pay yourself! You deserve it!!

Here is another way to pay yourself; participate in the “keep the change program” at your local bank. In this program, any money you spend on your debit card is rounded to the nearest dollar and the difference is placed in your savings account. This really is great for people who use their debit card a lot-just be sure to balance your accounts with the rounded numbers!

About Ieshia: I am the proud wife of my middle school sweetheart and a mother-to-be. I enjoy volunteering at my church and traveling! When I am not doing either of those, I am an avid bargain hunter. These days I am also learning the art of quilting and knitting.