“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Well, the same is true for PRIER. By now, you may have heard of PRIER’s Diamond Series wall hydrants. But do you know all of the awesome features this line includes?

A little recap…

PRIER began manufacturing and delivering the Diamond Series in April 2013 and was a direct result of listening. We had been hearing from plumbers that our inlet seat was not desirable because it was larger than the diameter of the copper tube. Therefore, our design team re-engineered all 9 residential inlets to make it slim and easier to install. 

In addition, our customer service team received feedback from customers regarding the stems on the "Mansfield Style" hydrant. The stems seemed to be sticking when opening causing a lot of frustration out in the field. PRIER then took action and created a BETTER stem without the spring loaded back flow preventer. 

While we were at it, we created a new and improved vacuum breaker and cap (now aluminum!) that is standard for all hydrants. This redesigned vacuum breaker has proven to perform better in all weather conditions and keeps this product code-approved.

We are so confident in the reliability improvements from these issues that we even decided to increase the product warranty on Diamond Series hydrants from 1 year to 3 years.

Now that you know why PRIER created the line, other awesome and notable features of the wall hydrants include: 

  • Large 4 degree pitched flange built into hydrant
  • Wide screw holes for easier installation
  • Large brass flange
  • Large metal or easy grip handle with ample finger room
  • Quarter turn, half turn and full turn handle options
  • Five full hose threads
  • Simple closed end stem for easy service 
  • Slim inlets with any type fitting
  • Available “S”-style (push-on) inlet 
  • Wirsbo and PEX style inlets available
  • Three year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Orders ship within 8 working hours
  • No minimum order requirements

The Diamond Series wall hydrants can be easily recognized with a diamond shape engraved on the throat of the valve. Additionally, every box will have the Diamond Series logo on the label. PRIER’s focus is to make the best frost proof wall hydrants on the market and the Diamond Series line fits the bill!