Reaching New Heights: PRIER’s First Blog Post Photo by The U.S. Army,

By Nick Manning, President

Welcome to the inaugural PRIER blog! First I’d like to familiarize you with our company. PRIER Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of plumbing products. We manufacture products in the following product categories: Residential Wall Hydrants, Commercial Wall Hydrants, Ground Hydrants, Angle Sill Faucets, Plumbing Brass, Drainage Products and Specialty Valves.

PRIER’s history dates back to 1881 when Anton PRIER founded the company here in Kansas City, Missouri. As markets and times changed, so did PRIER. What has not changed is our commitment to the original PRIER principles of heavy patterned castings, time saving product features and a commitment to the success of our customers.

We’ve started this blog for multiple reasons. First, this is a way for you to get to know PRIER and what is important to us. Secondly, we hope to spread some knowledge that we have learned throughout the years. And of course, we want to have fun! We will have blog contributions from many of the people throughout PRIER and they will tell you about themselves, what’s important to them, what they do at PRIER and how their contributions make our customers even better. Our best assets are our people and I’m excited for you to get to know them.

If you have feedback or additional questions about our blog entries, don’t hesitate to post a comment or contact the blog writer directly.  At PRIER we believe in the power of group thinking.  If you think your input might make PRIER better, we’d love to hear it.

About the author: If you catch Nick sitting still it’s a rare occasion. With his wife, Patti, their five children and two dogs, there’s always activity to keep life fun and busy. Baseball, basketball and soccer games, cross country meets and training the new puppy are all in a day’s work for the Manning family.