By John Cooper, Regional Sales Manager

When you work for a company that has been around since 1881, customer service isn't just a department, it's a big part of the culture.  

We firmly believe that being our customers' best supplier is the secret to our success, so when we have the opportunity to solve unique problems, we don't think twice.  

Joanie Sims, 71 years young and from Basehor, Kansas, didn’t know what else to do.  Her key wasn’t long enough to turn on her fireplace after the installation of new carpeting, so she did the only thing that made sense…she called PRIER.

Her old brass key was stamped with PRIER on one side and KCMO on the other. It was old and tarnished, but the logo stood out enough to be legible.  A quick search on the internet found our customer service number, so she called.

I happened to be in the office and answered the phone.  After a brief discussion, she wanted to bring the old key to us to see if we could help her out.  Upon arrival, I took the old key to Trey Schoor in production.   While Joanie waited in the lobby, Trey and I manufactured a new, longer key for Joanie. 

As you can see, she’s a very happy lady!  With her new PRIER fireplace key, she’ll now be able to enjoy a nice fire on cold winter nights.  PRIER Customer Service strikes again!