C-434 | Heavy Duty Residential

The PRIER C-434 provides a year round source of water to areas of structures that are subject to freezing temperatures. The hydrant valve is connected to the supply piping in the heated portion of the structure, eliminating the possibility of freezing. To assure freeze protection, the hydrant will drain even with the hose attached and under pressure. 

The C-434 has all of the features of the historically proven PRIER C-134, with additional protection of a self-draining anti-siphon backflow check valve. The vacuum breaker/backflow preventor provides protection against cross-connection of the potable water supply, while venting to eliminate any vacuum. No special installation tools are required.

The C-434 is available in stock lengths from 1 ½" to 24", with longer lengths available upon request. 

Additional Info

PRIER has been manufacturing the C-434 Freezeless Hydrant since 1992. It is a simple operating product that is fairly simple to repair.

The C-434 Freezeless Hydrant drains with the hose attached and under pressure. To accomplish this, there is a bypass assembly in the hydrant.

Possible Repair Issues for the C-434 Freezeless Wall Hydrant:

1. When the water is running there is water leaking from behind the packing nut

When the C-434/534 Hydrant is turned into the "off" position, the water in the valve will drain out behind the packing nut. If water leaks from behind the packing nut during operation, the o-ring or u-cup bypass has been damaged and needs to be replaced.

To determine which of the two styles you have, the stem needs to be removed from the valve to identify the bypass type. The bypass will be on the stem, near the handle end.

Current Style-O-Ring

Old Style-U-Cup


2. The hydrant drips after shutoff

A freezeless wall hydrant shuts off inside the heated portion of the structure therefore, the water inside the hydrant will drain out after shutoff. The shutoff point could be any distance from 4" to 24" inside the structure. This installation should also be pitched to allow the water to easily drain out of the hydrant. The hydrant may drip for up to 60 seconds after shutoff. If the water continues to drip after that time, you most likely need to replace the stopper and pin on the stem. 

C-434KT-902 Stopper and Pin Kit (with tool and o-ring)


3. The handle is missing from my hydrant

For any one of numerous reasons, your handle may be missing. PRIER's handle is unique to its products, it has two flats and two round sides. This style handle mates perfectly with our stem-end for a snug fit and years of reliable operation. The required part number is C-134KT-805.

C-134KT-805 Replacement Handle and Screw


4. How do I convert the hydrant to loose key

The PRIER C-434 Freezeless Hydrant can be converted after installation from handle operated to loose ket. This design allows for operation only with the provided operating key. It prevents operation of the freezeless fydrant by vice grips or needle nose pliers.

C-434KT-804 Loose Key Conversion Kit



5. The stem end is damaged and I cannot operate the freezeless hydrant

Occasionally the stem of the PRIER hydrant gets damaged beyond repair. This is most commonly caused by the hydrant being operated by pliers and damage to the brass on the end. To determine the proper replacement stem, you need to determine the following:

1. Overall length (OAL) of the stem, from tip to brass tip. Do not include the rubber bibb washer in this measurement.

2. Using the acquired dimensions, determine which stem is required from the chart below:

The following stems are for the C-434/C-534 Freezeless Hydrant (manufactured 2007-present):

Part # Description
P-231-04CC Stem for CC C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 3 7/8" Overall Length
P-231-0404 Stem for 4" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 6 3/4" Overall Length
P-231-0406 Stem for 6" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 8 3/4" Overall Length
P-231-0408 Stem for 8" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 10 3/4" Overall Length
P-231-0410 Stem for 10" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 12 3/4" Overall Length
P-231-0412 Stem for 12" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 14 3/4" Overall Length
P-231-0414 Stem for 14" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 16 3/4" Overall Length
P-231-0416 Stem for 16" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 18 3/4" Overall Length
P-231-0418 Stem for 18" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 20 3/4" Overall Length
P-231-0420 Stem for 20" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 22 3/4" Overall Length
P-231-0422 Stem for 22" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 24 3/4" Overall Length
P-231-0424 Stem for 24" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 26 3/4" Overall Length

The following stems are for the C-434/C-534 Freezeless Hydrant (manufactured pre-2007):

Part # Description
P-231-03CC Stem for CC C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 4 9/16" Overall Length
P-231-0304 Stem for 4" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 7 1/16" Overall Length
P-231-0306 Stem for 6" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 9 1/16" Overall Length
P-231-0308 Stem for 8" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 11 1/16" Overall Length
P-231-0310 Stem for 10" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 13 1/16" Overall Length
P-231-0312 Stem for 12" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 15 1/16" Overall Length
P-231-0314 Stem for 14" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 17 1/16" Overall Length
P-231-0318 Stem for 18" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 21 1/16" Overall Length
P-231-0324 Stem for 24" C-434/C-534 Hydrant ~ 27 1/16" Overall Length



6. Water is leaking from the holes by the hose thread

The rubber washer inside the vacuum breaker has failed and needs to be replaced. This is accomplished by unthreading the vacuum breaker from the body of the hydrant and replacing the internals. The vacuum breaker is sealed to the body with a body sealant and may require heat to break loose.

The parts required for this is a C-434KT-906 Vacuum Breaker Replacement Kit

Installation Instructions:

To repair the vacuum breaker on any of the above items, it first needs to be removed from the valve. The vacuum breaker is sealed to the valve and needs to be heated with a torch to be removed. Once it is removed you can reinstall the new parts in the order as shown above.


7. I need a complete rebuild kit

C-434KT-907 Overhaul Kit

Contents of this kit are as follows: