C-135 / C-235 / C-137 / C-237 | Heavy Pattern Angle Sill Faucet

PRIER Heavy Pattern Angle Sill Faucets are designed for areas that require water service, but are not subject to freezing temperatures. Typical installations include basements, garages and for outdoor installations in mild climates. The Heavy Pattern design with solid brass stem assures years of reliable service with minimal maintenance.

Additional Info

PRIER has been manufacturing the C-135/137 Angle Sill Faucets since the late 1930's. This product has truly passed the test of time. It is a simple operating product that is fairly simple to repair.

Possible Repair Issues for the C-135 / C-235 / C-137 / C-237 Angle Sill Faucet:

1. When the water is running, water leaks out from behind the handle

This is a common maintenance occurrence for any packed valve of any brand or manufacture. It is overcome by simply tightening the packing nut with a crescent wrench. This will force the packing tighter around the stem to eliminate leakage.

Occasionally, the packing will need to be replaced if the packing nut has been repeatedly tightened.

The parts required for this is a C-134KT-803 Packing Kit

C-134KT-803 Stem Packing Kit


2. The angle sill faucet drips after shutoff

The angle sill faucet/hose bibb may drip for a few moments after shutoff. If the water continues to drip after that time, you most likely need to replace the bibb washer.

PRIER utilizes a 1/4 L beveled bibb washer for angle sill faucets. This bibb washer is a standard 1/4 L beveled bibb washer, available from your plumbing supply house. The appropriate kit for this item is part # C-135KT-802. 

C-135KT-802 Replacement Bibb Washer Kit



3. The stem end is damaged and I cannot operate the faucet

Occasionally the stem of the PRIER Angle Sill Faucet gets damaged beyond repair. This is most commonly caused by the hydrant being operated by pliers and damaging the brass on the end.

The proper replacement stem for the C-135/137/155/235/255/165/265 is part # 231-0001.



4. The handle is missing from my angle sill faucet

For any one of numerous reasons, your handle may be missing. PRIER's handle is unique to our products; it has two flat and two round sides. This style handle mates perfectly with our stem-end for a snug fit and years of reliable operation.

The required handle kit is part number C-134KT-805.

C-134KT-805 Replacement PRIER Handle



5. The operating key is missing from my angle sill faucet

For any one of numerous reasons, your operating key may be missing. PRIER's operating key is unique to its products - it has one flat side and the rest is rounded. This style key mates perfectly with our stem-end for a snug fit and years of reliable operation.

The required part number is C-108KT-808.

C-108KT-808 Operating Key


6. How do I convert to the faucet to loose key?

PRIER freezeless hydrants and angle sill faucets can be converted after installation from handle operated to a loose key operation. This design allows for operation only with the provided operating key. It prevents operation of the freezeless hydrant or angle sill faucet by vice grips or needle nose pliers.

Commonly, this change occurs to prevent unauthorized usage of the product. To convert to the loose key vandalproof option, part number C-134KT-804 is required.

C-134KT-804 Loose Key Conversion Kit



7. How do I convert the faucet to handle operated?

C-234KT-804 Handle Conversion Kit

Contents of this kit are as follows:


8. I need a complete rebuild kit for C-135 / C-137

C-134KT-807 Complete Rebuild Kit


9. I need a complete rebuild kit for C-235 / C-237

The C-235 Repair Kit includes the following three part numbers:

C-135KT-802 Seat Washer Repair Kit

C-134KT-803 Packing Kit

C-108KT-808 Operating Key with Lanyard