By Katherine Cornick, Marketing Coordinator

You hear people say "Safety First" all the time, and sometimes it's said in jest in situations where safety may not actually be important.  To the people at PRIER, though, it's not just a rule or guideline, it's a state of mind, and as a manufacturer, it's what propels our business forward. 

June is National Safety Month, and what better opportunity to show off our associates than a month dedicated to our number one priority?!  There are many official guidelines from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that PRIER follows, which could take three days to outline, so instead we are covering just a handful of topics to show how PRIER puts the safety mentality to practice.  Each week we are covering a safety topic with a basic rule to follow and a short video featuring our associates.  

Keeping our priorities in line, Brady Poskin, Manufacturing Manager states that, "there is nothing that we make on the plant floor that is more important than anybody that walks through our doors".  Without safety at the top, the quality of the products and the rate at which they're produced does not matter because the people at PRIER are our biggest asset.

Follow along with us as we dig a bit deeper into safety each week and post the videos and safety rules below. 


Week #1: The Basics - Featuring Rocio Lara, Miscellaneous Team Lead

Week #2: Keep it Clean and Organized - Featuring Casey Palmateer, Warehouse Associate

Week #3: Maintaing Machinery - Featuring Trey Schoor, Manufacturing and Engineering Manager