C-634 | Commercial Hydrant

This C-634 is truly a unique product in an industry filled with copies. It installs in half the time than the competitors and has flow characteristics that are significantly better than any other product available.

Unlike the competitors, this valve installs though a single 1-3/8" hole. The competitive products are installed through a 2" x 4" square opening; this can only be accomplished with manpower and a chisel. Since the PRIER C-634 installs through a core drilled 1-3/8" hole, our commercial contractor customers are telling us it installs in half the time of the competitors.

A common complaint for this type of valve in a commercial setting is lack of water flow. PRIER's innovative design overcomes that issue, in fact, the PRIER C-634 flows two times our top competitors published flow rates. Additionally, PRIER's design allows you to limit flow to just a trickle if necessary. This product is so unique is has been awarded a patent by the US Patent Office. Try the new C-634, and thank you for supporting American ingenuity at work.

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